Memorable Learning

Learning involves a change in long term memory. If pupils haven’t remembered something there may have been limited benefit in doing it in the first place. Over the years I have seen a lot of lessons that have been “memorable” where the pupils have remembered the task but not the learning. They remembered making volcanoes out of Plasticine but not how an eruption occurs, they remember the primary school project on the River Nile but not where rivers start and how they flow.

Lets not plan memorable lessons but memorable learning instead. 


What makes effective learning?

We have spent a lot of time this year looking at what makes effective teaching. This is certainly something we have embraced in the Geography department with us often asking the question “Is this an effective and efficient way to do this? Is there another way?”. When it comes to learning, there is always a…

Horsing around

I have loved horses for most of my life. I was that girl who had a pony duvet set, bedroom walls plastered with posters of showjumping icons and a Christmas list every year that longed for the big FC to squeeze a four-legged friend down the chimney. And I don’t mean a reindeer. Sadly, aside from a brief…