Bright Spots…..


During our recent learning walks we have seen the following examples of practice which have grabbed our attention’ and we would like to share these.

Why not take a look and reflect if or how these could be used in your own teaching.

  • Kathryn Ridgwell demonstrated particularly high expectations of her Year 9 extended German class, during the first lesson of term 6. In getting them to prepare for their speaking exam, Kathryn spoke to the class in target language throughout, including instructions, clarifications and praise. This allowed some students to demonstrate excellent knowledge and understanding of different tenses. The students use of their iPad’s is clearly an embedded expectation with many using these to support their language development. In addition, the atmosphere in the classroom was one of focused study, which ensured that students could engage with the considerable challenge of the activity with success.
  • Katy Wayne’s year 10 class were preparing for their English Language mock exam. There was an atmosphere of silent, focussed study when we walked into the classroom with students reading the materials selected for them by Katy. It was very clear, from additional resources in the room, that students were being thoroughly prepared for the exam, with nothing left to chance. Students had highly annotated exemplar answers so that their teacher could take them through exactly what was required for success in each question. The level of high expectations was clear from the moment we walked in the room.
  • During Alice Woodland’s lesson there were excellent examples of concise, accurate marking with evidence that students had acted on feedback in exercise books. The Year 7 class were comparing and contrasting their answers with an exemplar student answer displayed on the board, in an attempt to (a) pick out the features of an excellent answer (b) understand why they had received the mark that they had. Teacher questioning is being used effectively to draw out responses from the class.

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